Monday, January 14, 2013

A Medieval Winner

There has yet to be a book from the pen of Colleen Gleason that I haven’t enjoyed and Lily on the Heath did not disappoint. What a delightful romance this book is! Colleen Gleason has a knack for combining all of the right mixes of mystery, comedy and historical romance all into one. Lily on the Heath is a medieval romantic tale of Judith of Kentworth and Malcolm de Monde.  Judith is a Falconer and a good friend to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Malcolm is the Lord of Warwick. Malcolm has watched Judith from afar since they were young. They meet again when Malcolm comes to King Henry II’s court to petition for a wife. Gleason includes some well researched information on the Falconers and the royal court of Henry II. With a side romance that includes secondary characters Judith’s maid and Malcolm’s Master at Arms this book is as charming as all of Gleason’s previous novels.  In her true writing style Ms. Gleason’s characters each have strong personalities that make this book shine. This is the perfect novel for both romance readers and history buffs alike.

ARC provided by the author.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Interesting Conclusion to Shadowlands

 I love the Goblin series but the third installment of Shona Husk’s Shadowland is quite likeable but I didn’t quite love it.  I had a difficult time connecting with either Meryn or Nadine.  Perhaps it was because they don’t spend a lot of time in each other’s company.  In many instances the book simply rehashed a lot of story that had already been told in her previous Goblin King novel.  It’s a typical sweet romance when the pair is together, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance. Overall it is a decent book I just didn’t reach an honest connection. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fantastic Contemporary Release

What a fantastic start to a brand new series from Juliana Stone. I am typically a sucker for Michigan romances as it is after all my home turf. This is a typical reformed bad boy returns home contemporary romance.  However there is a lot of heart and depth to this book. It kicks off the tale of three lifelong friends who return home to Crystal Lake Michigan in order to bury one of their own. Rocker Cain is at a turning point in his life, he is recently divorced following the betrayal of his wife and band mate. It becomes clear that he needs his small town, and the love of one woman to help him heal. Cain is drawn to a pretty red head and her young son.
Maggie is a beautiful, southern belle who cleans homes around town in order to make ends meet. Maggie and her son are a mystery to the Crystal Lake residents and it is clear that she is on the run from something or someone. She has been badly burned in love and turns Cain’s romantic advances. Cain didn’t earn his reputation by being a choir boy, and soon these two are burning up the sheets. These two have some monumental road blocks to overcome on their path to love. As they begin to work out their differences, Maggie’s dark past returns to haunt her. Each will have to deal with their exes from hell before, the road becomes clear.
I highly enjoyed this book. The Summer He Came Home struck an emotional chord within me.  As usual Juliana’s characters are vibrantly strong and very likable.  I cannot wait for the follow up books in the Bad Boys of Crystal Lake series If Jake and Mac are anything like Cain the follow ups are sure to be as heartfelt  as this one was. Without a doubt I would strongly recommend this book to my romance loving friends and customers.

A special thank you to Juilana Stone and Sourcebooks for making it possible for me to read this ARC.