Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boom! Laura Kaye Has Done it Again!

It’s really tough to find a Laura Kaye book that isn’t enjoyable and well written and Hard as it Gets is no exception! It is edgy, fast paced and oh so steamy.  Hard as it Gets is the first book in Laura’s Hard Ink series and this particular book really has everything that a well written contemporary romance should have. Ride along with Becca and Nick on this fantastic thrill ride, their chemistry simply explodes off the pages with plenty of heart and sizzle. The suspense in the story is tight and keeps readers going.  The action starts from the first chapter and clips along at a well honed pace that only a seasoned author can bring.  All along the way readers will meet some fascinating secondary characters whose personalities will make you fall in love.

Easily a 4 ½ Top Star book.