Friday, December 12, 2014

Laura Kaye's Hauntingly Beautiful Hard to Hold on To!

There are just a spattering a books that rank so high to me to earn that coveted shelf keeper spot, that perfect review in which I cannot find any fault in the story and in some way shape or form touches not my mind but my very heart. Let me also point out that as a fast reader I am not a big fan of the novella format……I typically prefer 350 plus pages that can keep me engaged for hours at a time. That said, Laura Kaye’s novella Hard to Hold on To is just one of those types of books which will constantly grace my shelves. It is hauntingly heart breaking and wonderfully emotional that it is easily a book I will never forget.
I knew going into this series that tells the stories of five ex-soldiers who are running an operation against an organized crime ring out of a tattoo shop that sooner or later these books would turn dark. That the tale would explore the darkest corners of the human mind and perhaps body. Easy and Jenna’s book does just that……it triggers some of the darkest and saddest emotions that one could ever find in a romance.  Yet it leaves you breathless on the flip side of the coin. It deals with the harsh realities of what happens after losing your team members in an ambush and resulting post traumatic stress disorder that follows. It deals with what happens when a you woman with a bring future ahead of her is brutally attacked, and it deals with what happens when these two lost souls find a way into each other’s hearts.
I am an avid fan of author Laura Kaye’s writing from her Hearts of Anemoi series to her current Hard Ink books, each for their own reasons. Hard to Come By managed to leave me in both happy and sad tears, I cannot even begin to imagine where Ms. Kaye is going to take this series next. This novella picks up right where Hard as You Can leave’s off, and I would suggest reading that first as the two books closely intertwine.
5 out of 5 stars ……….and truth be told I wish I could give it more.