Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet and Delightful Debut Romance

I came into this book thinking it was another Fifty Shades style romance filled with dominance and kinky scenes, but Jessica Lemmon’s Tempting the Billionaire is anything but a Fifty Shades book. I was expecting this to be your typical romantic fluff and I was surprised by the humor and wit that makes up this fantastic book.
Crickitt Day is dealing with the emotions left by the end of her nine year marriage. She is jobless and heartbroken, when her friend talks her into a night on the town. Tired and emotionally drained she finds herself crying at the bar. Shane August, owner of August Industries is out on the town with his cousin Aiden.  When the pair spy Crickitt crying at the bar they assume that she’s an easy target, however Shane feels a connection and her pain radiating from across the bar. When Shane discovers Crickitt needs work, he instantly offers her a job with his company. Hesitant at first but needing the job, Crickitt agrees to an interview. Shane is not without his own emotional baggage. He has no desire to ever get married and feels that the only person he can lean on is himself.  As they begin to work together, Crickitt and Shane find themselves thinking more and more about the other and sparks begin to fly between these two lost souls.
Tempting the Billionaire is filled with plenty of emotion and a lot of heart. It is very entertaining and leaves readers wanting to more. Highly enjoyable and an easy read with great secondary characters, I would recommend Tempting the Billionaire to anyone who enjoys heartfelt romance.

4 ½ Stars, Arc provided by Grand Central Publishing for review

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Fantastic and Emotional Debut!

If I Didn’t Have You is a solid emotional debut by newcomer Kimberly Larson.  I enjoyed Lydia’s emotional journey from losing her husband to finding love again. Page after page shows just how the emotional rollercoaster of love can be after losing love. Larson shows a solid knack of getting to the heart and the emotions of her characters. I loved Lydia and Greyson and their journey.  It held my interest from the first chapter to the final page.  The book is not without errors, but that I find is more on the editing side.  If you are looking for a sweet and emotional journey, then don’t be afraid to take a chance on if I Didn’t Have You!
4 Starred Review

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gripping Romantic Suspense!

Alone book four in the Bone Secrets series proves once more why Kendra Eliot she has become a favorite must have author. The book starts off with a bang as six teenage girls are found laid out in a circle, five of those girls are dead and the sixth is still barely alive. Victoria Peres a forensic anthropologist is called in as the case is a mirror image of another decades old murder. Victoria must try to figure out clues from old bones left from the previous case. She must also deal with the return of her first love Seth. Victoria and Seth have a history, they fell in love in college but when Seth discovers a child is his a nasty breakup ensues.  As threats begin to target Victoria, the pair find themselves working together to solve the murders all while rekindling old feelings.
Kendra Elliot is fast becoming a personal favorite. Her Bones Secret novels are always filled with the right blend of romance and suspense. Alone is no exception, it has great suspense, great romance and a fantastic cast of characters all with their own stories to be told. Alone can be read as a standalone but I would highly suggest reading the series as a whole; several of Eliot’s previous characters do make their appearance.

4 ½ Starred Top Pick 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet and Sexy Contemporary Romance

I never thought I would call and erotic romance but, Willow James/ Sara Humphreys’ Pumped is a steamy and sweet contemporary romance all rolled into one tight package. Pumped is the first book in James’s Stilettos and Seduction trilogy and if the first book is any indication readers are going to return for more. Skylar and Griffin are both looking for sex without the relationship strings being attached. They enter into an agreement keeping their personal lives personal. The impersonal relationship all begins to change as emotions start to come into play for the couple. The book began with steam and ends with a tender and emotional sweetness.  The characters are well developed and the dialogue draws readers in and keeps rolling through the pages.  Pumped is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to those who love contemporary romance.  It is a steamy romance but with a tight plot the steam fits the story.

4 ½ Starred Pick