Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brave the Heat with Sara Humphreys

Brave the Heat is the debut book in Sara Humphrey’s new contemporary romance series The McGuire Brothers.  While known for writing paranormal romance, Sara Humphrey’s does not disappoint readers with Brave the Heat.
It is an emotionally driven tale of a pair of old flames who reignite their teenage love.  As an abused teen Jordan McKenna runs away from home only to marry an equally abusive man, but after putting an end to her abusive marriage Jordan returns to her childhood sea town to raise her girls and deal with the reasons she ran away from home and Gavin. Gavin McGuire is the town’s fire chief, who has his own share of emotional baggage including dealing with his feelings from Jordan’s flight when they were teens.  Heat ignites as this pair of lost loves rekindle they’re old love and deal with the hurtful feelings of the past.  Throw in a pair of precocious girls and a mysterious arson investigation, and you will find one blazing delightful read.       
Brave the Heat is an emotionally charged roller coaster ride.  Readers will cheer as Gavin and Jordan stumble their ways through a rocky path back to each other.  It’s beautifully written with well flushed out characters that one cannot help but fall in love with.  Brave the Heat is one book romance reader’s don’t want to miss!

4 ½ Stars.