Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful Trilogy, But Fifty Shades They are Not!

The reissues of the Sleeping Beauty trilogy are being marketed towards fans of the Fifty Shades of Gray books.  Having read both series, I can safely say that there are very few commonalties in these books outside of both containing BDSM elements. The key factor that is making the Fifty books so wildly popular is lacking from the Sleeping Beauty books and that is the romance between the main couples.  One cannot compare Beauty and Prince to Christian and Anastasia. I would class both books in different categories. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and its sequels Beauty’s Punishment and Sleeping Beauty’s Release are erotic novels, about the exploration of BDSM between Beauty and the Prince. It is the awakening of what Beauty truly desires. I would more so compare Beauty to novels by the Marquis De Sade.
While they are not like Fifty Shades of Gray, I could not help fall in love with this series all over again. I first read these books in my teens, and still enjoy them to this day. They were originally written under the pen name A.N. Roquelaure, and being reissued under her true name Anne Rice.  If there is one thing that Anne Rice understands its fantasy and the Beauty series is just that fantasy. They are a classic fairy tale with a twist. Sleeping Beauty is under a spell and in rides the prince to rescue her, but not with a kiss but with ravishment.  This begins a new adventure for Beauty, a spectacular adventure full of BDSM and its rituals.
If it is eroticism and fantasy you are looking for then I Highly recommend the Sleeping Beauty trilogy. However if it is romance you are looking for, you will not find in the Sleeping Beauty series of books.  The Sleeping Beauty series is wonderfully written, and one cannot help but fall in love, but they cannot be compared to Fifty Shades of Gray.

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