Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wonderful First For a New Series!

What a Wicked Earl Wants is the start to Vicky Dreiling’s Sinful Scoundrel series. It is a delightful tale of what happens when two people who are determined to remain single come together for a worthy cause and find love along the way. It is a typical Dreiling book in that it is filled with plenty of humor, heart wrenching emotion and wonderful secondary characters that will engage your heart along with your mind.

 It is the complicated and often emotional tale of Andrew, the Earl of Bellingham, a known rake who is determined to never form a permanent commitment or to ever marry and have children. It is also the tale of Laura, Lady Chesfield a widow who has come to London to allow her step-son the chance to enjoy the London season with his friends. Like with Bell, Laura is also determined not to remarry, as all she wants to do is to raise her stepson. Laura finds herself at wits end as her stepson begins to rebel by staying out late and getting drunk with his friends. When Bell witnesses the boy’s rebellion first hand, he soon finds himself do everything he can to protect Laura and her son from her son’s guardian.  Bell and Laura’s romance is slow to develop but as it does it filled with the right mix of passion and tenderness.

I loved Bell’s friends Colin and Harry, each have fantastic personalities and made for many humorous moments throughout the story. I found myself more captivated by Bell’s character as he found himself dealing with his grief from the loss of his family. There were moments when I wanted to strangle Laura as she came off wishy-washy at times, when it came to dealing with her budding feelings for Bell.

All in all What a Wicked Earl Wants is a really good historical romance that any person who enjoys the genre can melt into. Vicky Dreiling has that knack of penning remarkable characters that stick with you page after page and keeps her readers returning for more.
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4 ½ Star Read

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