Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a Wonderful Read! Sharon Sala's a Field of Poppies!

To start things off I'd like to offer up what I believe is one of the best books written today.
I was once told by Sharon that Cat Dupree was her all time favorite character and to this point I had to agree with her. However she has so completely outdone Cat Dupree in this novel that I can’t see any character ever comparing.
Sharon Sala’s A Field of Poppies reminded me of the very reasons why I fell in love with the romance genre.  This book has more heart written into each word than any other book I’ve read in years. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it lends meaning to forgiveness. Ms. Sala takes readers on a journey with Poppy Sadler following the death of her mother, and the brutal murder of her father. The book itself is full of the kind of plot twists expected from Ms. Sala, what is unexpected is the sheer emotional journey she takes with Poppy. It is a simply wonderful journey of love and forgiveness. This book was almost not published because the normal places couldn’t see where it would fit into today’s current market, oh how wrong they were. This book is exactly what the current market needs! 
I loved everything this book had to offer, from the strong characters like Poppy and Justin, to the outright nutcase in Prophet Jones. If there is one book you buy this year make it A Field of Poppies as it is sure not to disappoint! Thank you Ms. Sala for making sure the world has it’s chance to read this stunning piece of work. (5 Stars,Available at, Barnes and and Indiebound booksellers everywhere)

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