Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spine Tingling Suspense at its best!

Make room for Leslie Tentler, Romantic Suspense has found a new voice. In a spine tingling conclusion to her Chasing Evil trilogy Ms. Tentler takes readers on a nonstop roller coaster ride that begins with the first sentence and ends with the very last page.
When Mia Hale turns up bloody and disoriented on a Florida beach, the puzzle pieces begin to lock into place for FBI agent Eric McFarlane who has been called down to Florida to work a murder case that has the same ear marks of a case that he's been chasing for years.
He is called "The Collector" for his habit of claiming souvenirs from his victims. Following a three year break it appears that the Collector has resurfaced along the banks of the Jacksonville Beach. For McFarlane catching this sadistic mad man is personal. Mia remembers nothing of her ordeal, but agrees to help McFarlane buy taking part in an experimental hypnotism project in an attempt to regain those lost memories. With a growing attraction between Hale and McFarlane the suspense becomes that much more intense as they battle a ticking clock before this madman can collect anymore victims. Ms. Tentler creates the perfect mix of suspense and romance in this well rounded mystery. With her strong writing style this author kept me turning the pages for hours. I will say that this book is much more graphic than the previous two in the series but it does not detract from the enjoyment. If you love a little spine tingles with your romance then this is the book for you. I wish there was a higher rating scale for books than 1-5 because this book just rocked. Be sure to start this series from the beginning starting with Midnight Caller, and Fear of Midnight (book 2). These books are available where ever books are sold!

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