Friday, October 26, 2012

Heart Tugging Romance At Its Best!

There has never been a book written by Brenda Novak that I haven’t enjoyed. When Snow Falls is book two in her Whiskey Creek series. Well known for her place in the romantic suspense genre the Whiskey Creek series is her foray back into contemporary romance. After having been pleasantly delighted with the first book When Lightening Strikes, I naturally was ready to jump right into When Snow Falls. When Snow Falls has been written in such a way that allows you to watch this romance blossom into a full bloom.
When Snow Falls is Cheyenne and Dylan’s story and so very different from Gail and Simon’s story whom we met in When Lightening Strikes. Cheyenne Christensen cannot remember when it has ever snowed in Whiskey Creek, but she can remember the she has to take care of her dying mother Anita and her on again off again drug using older sister Presley to care for. When she begins having recurring dreams of a fancy child hood and a mysterious blonde woman, Cheyenne begins to question where she comes from. On top of all her other problems Cheyenne has been in love with Joe since she was fourteen years old, but she is not the only one who has feelings for Joe. When her best friend Eve announces that she has asked Joe to go on a date, Cheyenne steps aside out of respect for her friendship. Dylan Amos and his brothers come from the wrong side of the tracks. When Dylan makes a proposition that Cheyenne finds difficult to refuse, Cheyenne discovers an attraction to the kind of guy she’s always tried to avoid and discovers that Dylan just might not be as bad as he’s been rumored to be. As this romance begins to unfold her first love enters into the picture; torn between her first love and the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks Cheyenne finds herself having to choose between the two.
I loved this book, however early on I found myself reverting back to the cover blurb to find out if I had read the names wrong as we don’t meet Dylan until a ways into the book. The only man we meet early on is Joe, and you really begin to think the story is a romance between Cheyenne and Joe. However once Cheyenne and Dylan eventually meet this book soars and meets all expectations of a Brenda Novak tale. I had a hard time putting this one down, it is filled with emotion that makes you just want to cheer these two lost souls on.  When Snow Falls was well written and will tug at even the coldest of heart strings. I cannot wait for the next books in this fantastic series. It is easily a 4.5 star book.

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