Friday, October 19, 2012

No One Left to Tell is a Must Read!

Karen Rose has done it again. No one Left to Tell is packed with fast moving action and tender romance. This quote from No One Left to Tell fairly well summarizes the plot "Serial child molesters, murderers, case fixers, a cop gone bad,and a mastermind eliminating anyone who gets close to the truth. Makes my head spin.".If you are a fan of the fast paced high adrenaline romantic suspense then this is the book for you.No One Left to Tell is PI Paige Holden and Assistant State Attorney Grayson Smith's story. Paige is a beginner PI who is trying to prove the innocence of Ramon Munoz, a convicted murderer. ASA Grayson is is the one instrumental in putting Ramon behind bars. Ramon's wife Elena hires Paige for help as they are adamant that Ramon is innocent. When Elena manages to obtain the proof of Ramon's innocence it is met with dire consequences. With Ramon's proof in hand Paige finds herself in need of someone she can trust and who better than ASA Smith who put Ramon in prison in the first place setting the stage for this fantastic suspense. Along the way Ms. Rose brings back a cast of familiar characters like Olivia, Thomas Thorne, Lucy Trask, Clay Maynard and Stevie Mazetti each who've had previous places in other novels.
There is a reason why Karen Rose has risen to the top of my must read suspense authors and No One Left to Tell is a prime example of it. No One Left to Tell will keep you reading well into the night. This is one of my must haves of the year!

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