Friday, May 3, 2013

An Amazingly Good Read! Much better than Fifty Shades!

First let me start off by stating that I have been reading J. Kenner for years. I have followed her books throughout all of her various series. I have loved everything she has written since the publication of Aphrodite’s Kiss. When Release me was released I of course jumped and purchased this book, for the simple fact that it was a new release from a favorite author. However, as a bookseller I was burned out on all of the many variations of 50 Shades of Gray that are currently available on the market. So I found myself avoiding Release Me, but instead reading many other books in the meantime.
Finally after listening to a customer who had read and raved about Release Me I took picked it up and started to read. What a pleasant surprise this book was! I could not put it down and found myself connecting to the characters on so many levels.  While Release Me has all of the elements that the current erotic romance market seems to be demanding this book has so many more levels than some of the other out right erotic tales which seem to lack a genuine story.
In Release Me we meet Nikki, a beautiful and troubled 24 year old who is looking to break free of her former pageant lifestyle and make it on her own in the business world. She is a breath of air when compared to all of the other erotically written females these days. She is independent, strong, and self- sufficient. She has no fear of standing up to Damien and pursuing the life goals that she has set forth for herself. Damien Stark is a commanding and powerful billionaire who could have any woman he chooses but has set his sights on Nikki.  He is a former tennis star and a very private person who will go to any length to keep his personal life private. There is little doubt that Damien Star is a dominant, power simply steams off the pages of this book. Each of these two protagonists has an extremely dysfunctional past and yet they come together on a somewhat equal playing field. Passion begins to steam as these two strong willed characters come together. Release Me takes place over several days and yet the story never comes off rushed nor does the relationship between Nikki and Damien ever feel like it was forced. Release Me is full of steamy passion, and mild BDSM scenes. however the sexual relationship is slow growing at first.  In my view Ms. Kenner has a way of writing a more natural version of a dominant/submissive relationship.
I absolutely loved Release Me! I loved that Nikki was not a simpering ninny; she is smart and has overcome many of her own demons on her own. Words cannot express the connection to Damien Stark I felt. One can feel the power of this well written character. If there was any BDSM written novel that I would recommend it would be Release Me. J. Kenner has a way with words that makes people feel her star characters. Be sure to grab your copy of Release Me today, you will not regret it! Easily a five star read.

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