Friday, May 31, 2013

Who would have thought that the Lucky Harbor series from Jill Shalvis could get any better? Well it happened; Jill has managed to once more knock it out of the park with It Had to Be You! Jill proves that she is quickly becoming one of the top writers in the contemporary romance genre. She knows how to write characters which draw the person who is reading her books right in.
If it wasn’t for bad luck Ali Winters would have no luck at all. She catches her current boyfriend cheating, he’s moved out of the place they were living and neglects to tell her that the least runs out that same day, and then she’s arrested for missing community money. Luke Hanover is a detective from San Francisco who returns to his home town for a much needed vacation.  He returns to his grandmother’s house that at this point should be renter free, not knowing that Ali remains in the house. Ali is desperate for a place to stay, and she and Luke reach a compromise about her remaining in the house. With his last case having gone wrong, the last thing Luke needs or wants is to be dragged into another case, but when Ali is arrested in his home Luke cannot help but be pulled in. As he’s pulled into the case to help Ali set her life right, the sparks between these Ali and Luke begin to fly.
It Had to Be You is like cotton candy, you can eat this book up in a single sitting. She writes very vivid and often times true to life characters that seem to come to life off of the pages. I love that she doesn’t neglect to revisit characters from the previous books, and she does it in such a way that they don’t take focus of the story but add to the current couples.

It Had to Be You ranks up there as one of my favorites thus far in the Lucky Harbor series! Be sure not to miss this gem of a story. 

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