Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vampire Candy for your Sweet Tooth!

If you enjoy light hearted and sweet vampire tales than Cat Devon’s Sleeping with the Entity is the book for you! In a market that is over flowing with the dark and dangerous vampire tale that this was a fantastic change of pace. It’s full of steamy romance, and light hearted humor, making this a guilty pleasure summer pick for me.

Daniella has plans to open a cup cake shop in a building that her father owns, but what Daniella doesn’t realize is that she is planning to open a cup cake shop in the heart of vampire territory, and the last thing Vamptown needs is a cup cake shop and she is not exactly a welcomed edition to their happy little community. The neighborhood vamps join together in hopes of getting Daniella to change her mind about setting up shop in their town. It doesn’t take long until they realize that their vampire tricks are wasted on Daniella, and the race is on to find out why. Nick St. George is the business association leader and head vamp in this normally quiet town. Like the rest of the vampires, Nick doesn’t want Daniella to move into Vamptown. When he discovers that he cannot compel Daniella to do as he wishes, he makes it his mission to discover why.

Soon the sparks between Nick and Daniella begin to fly in what becomes a delightful vampire romp in the tradition of Katie MacAlister and Maryjanice Davidson. Sleeping with the Entity is divinely cute and creative. I loved all the pop culture references from Twilight to Tru Blood. I fell in love with Vamptown and all of its wacky characters, and you are sure to fall too!

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