Friday, June 7, 2013

A Sweet First in a Series

Lori Wilde’s Love at First Sight is one of those cute feel good books. If you like the sweet than this book is the one for you. It is the first full length book in her Cupid Texas series, and it was delightful.
Natalie McCleary is the heart of this book. As Cupid Texas’ very own cupid, she wants to believe in love first sight but has yet to experience it herself. As she is giving thought on how to reply to one of her “cupid” letters she is suddenly struck with what one could only describe as lightening, for there on the road sits Dade Vega an ex Navy Seal fixing his bike. It’s love at first sight for Natalie.
Dade Vega has come to Cupid in search of a former Seal friend who has gone missing.  Dade is a wanderer with a troublesome past, who doesn’t trust anyone. As he catches Natalie riding by on her bicycle, lightening seems to strike him as well. Like Natalie it’s love at first sight, although Dade tries to fight his feelings.

It is clear that these two are meant for each other. The characters and the romance blend smoothly for what can only be described as a heart-felt book. While there are portions of this book that are sugary sweet, there are other portions that come off as kooky. There are parts of the book were I felt the dialogue did not make sense, and also portions of the story that did not quite add up. Overall I didn’t love the book but I enjoyed it. Love at First Sight is worth the read and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a sugary sweet romantic tale.

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