Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lily Dalton's Highly Enjoyable Debut!

Every now and again a book is written that cannot help but touch your heart. Never Desire a Duke is a book that does just that. Not only does this book touch your heart from the first chapter, it holds on until the final page. This book is filled with everything one comes to expect from a regency romance. It has all of the   adventure, drama, passion, scandal, and sweetness needed to make up a delightful read.  Dalton proves that she has a knack in writing likeable characters that leap off the page. Both Claxton and Sophia were realistic and showed emotions that were true to form. Add in a menagerie of side characters and readers have that enjoyable mix needed in a strong regency romance.
Never Desire a Duke is Lily Dalton’s debut book and what a debut it was. What it did not have was murder and mayhem what it does have is a delightful storyline that revolves around the holiday season which will put a twinkle in your eyes. It easily swept me off my feet. I look forward to her follow up book next spring.

4 ½- 5 Stars

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