Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Super Hot Temptation

Let me start by saying that this is another wow! The second story in the Covert Affairs series First Temptation is one firecracker of a novella. Like Intimate Enemies, it is full of adventure and steam in a compact short story. The novella is centered around Taft and Zoe who go under cover as a pair of sex store owners. The fun comes in when Zoe admits that she knows nothing about sex toys. Taft is more than willing to teach her all the fun that can be had with the various devices. On top of all that they are trying to capture a known Mexican drug cartel. The novella is heavy on the heat, and short on the suspense but it's a great filler for the series.
I love Joan Swan's writing as even in a novella she manages to capture the heart of her characters. Zoe and Taft are strong and romantic which will leave readers breathless. If I had any real complaint it would be that I would have loved to see a full length book featuring these two to delve more into their personalities.
Easily 4 1/2 stars.

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