Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun and Flirty!

What can I say about Tawna Fenske that has not already been said? Her writing style will simply make you fall in love with it all while making readers laugh their rumps off. Frisky Business is no different this book is a guilty pleasure that will have readers griping their sides from laughter. Frisky Business delivers a well blended mixture of sassy banter and quirky humor. I loved this book for its witty sexual innuendos and funny dialogue. Will and Marley sizzle up the pages with well plotted tension. It’s easy to get hooked onto Will and Marley, along with a few of their friends and family….oh and the pets one cannot forget how important the animals are in this book. Fenske also gives readers a lush peek into the city of Bend Oregon bringing it to life among the pages of this charming book. Frisky Business is the perfect feel good beach blanket book. It grabs from the first page and continues right to the very last page. Well written and delightful, this is a not to be missed book of summer.

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