Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Valerie Bowman's Great Start to a New Series!

Valerie Bowman’s The Unexpected Duchess is a delightful romp that I simply could not put down! Ms. Bowman’s stories tend to be fun and uplifting and, The Unexpected Duchess is no exception to this. It is the first book in Bowman’s Playful Bride series and which is proving to be entertaining right from the first book. Readers are introduced to Lucy, Cassandra, and Jane, a group of close friends and wallflowers. Their plan is to protect Cassandra from marrying the Duke of Claringdon. It sounds simple enough to these strong willed young ladies if only he wasn’t known as the Duke of Decisiveness. Derek Hunt has made a promise to his friend and fellow soldier and means to keep the promise. There is just one problem standing in his way, the stubborn Lady Lucy Upton. I loved everything about this book! I loved that both Lucy and Derek want what is best for their respective friends. I highly enjoyed the battles that ensue as each attempt to prove their points, and I adored how it quickly becomes clear that the warring pair realize that they are more compatible with each other. Yet, Derek is determined to honor his promise no matter what it costs. This book takes a slightly humorous turn as the passions and fires begin to build between Derek and Lucy. I found The Unexpected Duchess to be witty and delightful. It was quite the page turner and had me wanting to come back for more. If you’re a reader that loves a fun romantic troupe then this is the book for you!

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